Lincoln Heights, CA

Emily Lacy is a sound artist exploring the folk idiom from a space rooted in experimental music. With a background in film, Lacy plays with time and space to create powerful works documenting internal and external landscapes. Her output swings from the personal to the powerfully universal—oscillating between protest anthems to intimate poetics. Her performances and recordings reflect themes of social justice—utilizing vocal techniques such as shape singing and a capella, electronic music elements, constructed environments and physical recorded media. On this episode of Modern Composition L.A., Frosty visits Lacy’s studio to hear about her process-based practice. She shares a selection of music that’s impacted her greatly and unveils her new series of sonic paintings. The episode concludes with the premiere of a brand new work by Lacy.


Emily Lacy - She's not lost

Jean Ritchie - Old Woman and Pig 

Woody Guthrie - Little Black Train 

Emily Lacy - I’ll Keep Running 

Pete Seeger - Coyote, My Little Brother (Album Version)

Emily Lacy - Auction Block

Petra Haden - Look Both Ways Before You Cross 

Emily Lacy - crystals in monsters

Patti Smith - Trampin' 

Emily Lacy - I Dig Forever

Laurie Anderson - O Superman 

Emily Lacy - Open It Up 

Meredith Monk - Walking Song

Emily Lacy - Precious child, little one
Bulgarian State Television Female Choir - Svatba (The Wedding)
Nina Simone - Ain't Got No/I Got Life 

Bob Dylan - The Man in Me 

Jeanne Lee And Ran Blake - Season in the Sun 

Chet Baker - My Funny Valentine 

Emily Lacy - To Fall in Love Again (Song Premiere)