Highland Park, CA

On this round of Modern Composition L.A., we conduct a virtual visit to Celia Hollander’s Highland Park studio. With a visual art and architecture background, the Los Angeles native explores temporality through a painterly approach to the musical medium. Through digital audio manipulation she liquifies seemingly static sounds, unveiling infinite textural perspectives.

For her appearance on this program, Hollander shares recordings from her ever-expanding discography, a mix of sonic influences, audio documentation of recent projects and the premiere of a brand new composition. Join us to hear how neighborhood soundscapes, organic life cycles, natural environments and Los Angeles’ creative community fold themselves into Celia Hollander’s work.


Celia Hollander - Big Talk / Small Talk
Celia Hollander - Surround Sound Me
Daniel Lentz - Slow Motion Mirror
Paul Lansky - Smalltalk (excerpt)
Mark Fell - Multistability 7-B (excerpt)
Robert Ashley - The Park (excerpt)
Laurie Spiegel - Clockworks
Lucky Dragons - Full Moon Come
Jon Hassell - Chor Moiré
Albert Marcoeur - Deux Lions Au Soleil
Celia Hollander - Field recording of fireworks in Highland Park
Celia Hollander - Live at the Drive-In Concert (Vons Parking Lot / March 2020)
Celia Hollander - Collective Phantom Ring
Celia Hollander - Free Time Snap Elastic (Premiere)