South Central, CA

Jimetta Rose graces this episode of Modern Composition L.A. to welcome us onto her plane of positive manifestation. An artist with roots in South Central Los Angeles, Jimetta shapes her highly-intentional words and sounds into musical forms built on a spiritually-attuned bedrock. Her universal soul serenades tilt towards the cosmos while keeping earthbound bodies moving in rhythmic resonance. Jimetta harnesses the potential of the infinite unknown to bring new possibilities into being and empowers her community to participate in the practice. After a long stretch of solo output and collaborations, Jimetta founded Voices of Creation, a choir that expands her artistic palette and empowers a multitude of voices. Their spiritual jazz-inspired repertoire soars to ecstatic heights through Jimetta’s refreshing arrangements and passionate guidance.

To illuminate her artistic landscape, Jimetta will share some of her own recordings, recollections from her musical journey, and songs that have inspired her outlook. As the show concludes, Jimetta will premiere a composition to launch us into higher heights. This Modern Composition L.A. episode is a testament to an artist holding firm to her vision for a brighter world. Jimetta Rose’s ever-expanding legacy of love will give your ears new faith in the potency of the human creative spirit.


Jimetta Rose & Voices of Creation - Let The Sun Shine In
Jimetta Rose - Inshallah, I AM (Spaceways Radio Demo Mix)
Josef Leimberg – Echoes of One feat. Jimetta Rose
Jimetta Rose - Emerald City
Jimetta Rose & Voices of Creation - Operation Feed Yourself (Live on Grand Performances Heritage Square Series)
SAULT - The Beginning & The End
Liv.e - Lessons From My Mistakes…But I Lost Your Number
Rev. Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Choir - It’s Gonna Rain
The Hastings Street Jazz Experience - Ja-mil
The Frank Cunimondo Trio Introducing Lynn Marino - Beyond the Clouds
Quelle Chris & Chris Keys - Sudden Death
Jimetta Rose - Everything Is Watching (Interlude)
Jay Electronica - Real Magic (feat. Ronald Reagan)
Def Sound feat. Jimetta Rose - Sierra Neoné
Demae - Basic Love
Holy Hive - Sophia's Part
Brainstory - Thank You
Moodymann - The Thief That Stole My Sad Days
* World Premiere: Jimetta Rose - The Ledge